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AGE-AWAY Natural Anti-Aging Body Lotion

AGE-AWAY Natural Anti-Aging Body Lotion

AGE-AWAY Natural Anti-Aging Serum

AGE-AWAY Natural Anti-Aging Serum

AGE-AWAY Natural  Anti-Aging Cream
AGE-AWAY Natural Anti-Aging Cream
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Totally natural anti-aging mousse like cream.

The powerful, secret blend of ingredients contained in this miracle pot of cream will help improve the texture, condition and look of your skin.

The Age-Away anti-aging formula is bursting with free radicals, antioxidants and outstanding moisturising properties. It also has a wonderful empowering Neroli - Orange Blossom fragrance.

If used regularly you will notice a difference in your skin - give this wonderful cream a try, you wont be disappointed.

There are 3 AGE-AWAY products in this powerful range.
* Age-Away Cream
* Age-Away Serum
* Age-Away Body Lotion

If you order two or more products from the AGE-AWAY range you will receive a FREE Organza bag to keep them in.

Totally one of our best sellers - order now and start your anti-aging regime for better skin!

Size: 50g

Age-Away cream has a unique gel added to the cream to produce a Mousse like affect.
The mouse is absorbed into the skin better and quicker than cream and it does not leave a heavy layer of grease on the surface of the skin.
Regular use with this powerful free-radical scavenging mousse will help the skin rejuvenate and regenerate. Skin cells are encouraged to grow in good health and more enhanced, thus giving the skin a healthier glow.

The active ingredients in this marvellous mousse are:
Herbal extracts of Pomegranate, Frankincense, Ginseng and Neroli. Also contains Organic Sunflower extract and Grapeseed oil

To use: this is very important!
Pat the mousse on the skin, paying particular attention to dry and lined areas. Make sure you pat the mouse around the neck area too! Do not briskly rub-in the mousse as this will stop the mouse being absorbed quickly into the skin.
The mouse is concentrated so there is no need to use large dollops!! Use regularly day and night for at least 12 weeks to enjoy the superb benefits.
Some customers have reported a difference in skin texture after 4 weeks!

Why we like this


No Parabens
No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Additives
No GM Ingredients
No Triclosan
No Petro Chemicals

........ and it is Vegetarian and Vegan!

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