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"Cut out a bag of sugar in 7 days"! Did you over-indulge at Easter, or do you want to kick-start a healthy eating plan?

Viridian can help with their 7-day Sugar Detox Kit which includes supplements and a healthy eating plan app to help ensure success.

Retailing at just £7.00 it's a very cost-effective way to a more healthy you go to 

to grab your kit today!

Here at Rainbow Apothecary you will find a wealth of products to nurture your body, stimulate your mind and sooth your spirit. We endeavour to provide our customers with all they need to support and promote a holistic lifestyle, one where you feel good both inside and out.

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We are always hunting down new and interesting products which fit with our ethos of promoting overall wellness, and often source from local and small suppliers. We are committed to providing our customers with Natural Bodycare products and Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and other dietary foods to enable them, to live a Happy, Healthy and Holistic life. 

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