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Cajeput (10ml)

Cajeput (10ml)

Absolute Aromas

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From the same family as Tea Tree and Niaouli, Cajeput is also strongly anti-septic and has a camphoraceous, fresh aroma. It is a great oil for the respiratory system and has an ability to disperse congestion. It has also been known to soothe aching muscles and stiff joints, and is also anticatarrhal.

This evergreen tree can grow up to 30 meters in height. It has a spongy white bark and thick, pointed, green leaves and white flowers. 

A useful addition to steam inhalations to relieve symptoms of winter chills.  Add six drops to a bowl of just-boiled water, cover the head with a towel and breathe normally for up to ten minutes.

For problem skin, try 1 drop of Cajeput blended with 5ml (1 teaspoon) of Jojoba and apply twice daily (provided no skin irritation is experienced).

It is also ideal as a room spray to ward off insects and bed bugs.

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