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Tangerine (10ml)

Tangerine (10ml)

Absolute Aromas

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Tangerine has a sweet, light and tangy aroma which soothes stress and tension. Similar to Sweet Orange and Mandarin, it is a wonderful oil to use during pregnancy and can help to prevent stretch marks if used daily. It is also good for the digestive system and for problem skin.

Tangerine oil can aid relief on a number of gastric complaints such as constipation and flatulence and is also a very popular oil of choice for pregnancy massage due to its Vitamin C content.

For a soothing blend during pregnancy to prevent strech marks, try 3 drops of Tangerine, 2 drops of Lavender and 1 drop of Neroli in 20ml of either Wheatgerm or Apricot Kernal carrier oil.

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